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I was able to catch up with Tim Donofrio, CAN-ENG Furnaces’ new VP of Sales to discuss CAN-ENG’s latest success in the process of high pressure die casting structural components for the Automotive and Aerospace Industries.

CENEWS: Tim, what sets CAN-ENG’s technology apart from others in the industry?

TD: CAN-ENG has developed a flexible, cost effective heat treatment technology that allows manufacturers to integrate our new state-of-the-art processing systems into existing manufacturing cells and avoid prohibitive large-scale continuous processing systems capital costs. 

CENEWS: So CAN-ENG can integrate new energy saving and labour saving technology into existing operations?

TD:  Exactly!

CENEWS: That sounds like it will save time too?

TD: Yes, it does.

CENEWS: Please forgive my lack of technical language but I understand that processing HPDC can be a little tricky?

TD: Well, it is more technical than that, but yes it can. It is often very difficult to create a repeatable process for the processing of HPDC that delivers uniform properties across each casting and tighter distortion control. CAN-ENG equipment does just that. CAN-ENG’s PAQ™ system integrates a unique combination of recirculating air chambers, distribution nozzles, dampers and directional ductwork that uniformly delivers conditioned quench media leading to repeatable and uniform property and dimensional results. Quench parameters are developed for each component and once validated can be integrated as part of the product recipe.

Our R and D department and engineering team has helped many customers test and fine tune their specific product recipe to achieve the desired outcome.

CENEWS: Is this a batch or continuous process?

TD: It can be either. It depends on volumes and the throughput a customer requires.

CENEWS: If someone wants to learn more where can we find you?

TD: My direct line is 289-292-2027, at and we will be at CAST EXPO booth 2815 in April and the Farnborough International Air Show this July.