CAN-ENG Furnaces International Limited is pleased to announce the successful start-up of two (2) rotary screw hearth bar quench and temper furnace lines.

The first project installed in Detroit Michigan, processes steel bars in the range of 1” to 12” x 25’ long at a maximum production rate of 25,000 lbs./hr. Each plant layout is a compact U-shape design that utilizes regenerative burner technology on the rotary screw hearth hardening furnace discharging a single bar at a time into the water spray quench system, followed by rotary screw hearth tempering.

The second project, installed in the Greater Chicago Illinois metro area processes small diameter bar in the .750” to 4.00” range x 25’ lengths at a maximum production rate of 13,500 lbs./hr. Both systems are capable of producing commercially straight bars without the need for post heat treatment straightening, employ Level II Automation System (SCADA), and came complete with fully automated material handling, debundling and loading systems. The contracts were executed for different customers, and came on stream in Q3 2012, and Q1 2013 respectively.

The furnace systems incorporated the latest in screw hearth furnace evolutionary technology, including enhanced screw profile, high temperature alloy rail supports, and non-water cooled cantilevered roller discharge. The CAN-ENG scope of supply included the Water Cooling circuit and primary / secondary scale removal systems. The lines represent the most modern and cost effective fuel fired bar quench and temper lines operating in the world today, and allowed the end users the ability to bring work back in house that was previously sub-contracted.

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