CAN-ENG FURNACES INTERNATIONAL LTD, has been contracted to deliver a significant number of different furnace types to multiple unique customers in the United States and Canada for the heating and heat treatment of both Aluminum and Steel Closed Die Forgings.

The furnace configurations either under construction in the company shops or in the early stages of commissioning include Rotary Hearth, Chain Conveyor, Roller Hearth, Mesh Belt and Cast Link Belt. The current uptick in activity from the Forging sector represents a major portion of the Company’s Order Backlog.

These furnaces will be delivered to Georgia, North Carolina, and Ontario will be used in the production of Powertrain, Suspension and Steering/Linkage components for the automotive sector. The demand for new state of the art furnace equipment has been driven by both light weighting initiatives and a shortage of in-house heat treatment capacity. All contracts will be in production by late Q1 2021.  For more information, contact Tim Donofrio, Vice President – Sales