The first hot ingot mults from a recently commissioned 20 Ton/hour Rotary Hearth Reheating Furnace were delivered to the 4 Anvil Rotary Forge at a central Pennsylvania steel works. The CAN-ENG scope of supply included nearly 400’ of in-line roller conveyor that feeds cut ingot mults from four (4) horizontal band saws to the Reheat Furnace, a pedestal mounted charging/discharging furnace manipulator, and a high speed in-line roller conveyor to deliver 2300°F hot mults to a new Rotary Forge machine. Each ingot mult weighs approx. 2.2 Tons. The entire cell is located in a completely revamped production hall on the grounds of North America’s oldest forge shop. The new line will replace a Walking Beam Furnace and associated Rotary Forge machine that has been in production for more than five (5) decades. The new Reheat furnace is equipped with energy saving, low emission Regenerative Burner technology. Full ramp-up to production capacity is anticipated in Q4 2023.

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Michael K. Klauck, P.Eng.