Heat Treatment Solutions For the Aerospace Industry

Our family of companies includes: CAN-ENG, TRENERGY, and JTL Integrated Machine

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Aerospace - Defence

Aerospace - Defence

Batch and Continuous Heat Treatment Systems for the Aerospace Industry

CAN-ENG is a global provider of batch and continuous thermal processing systems used in the manufacture of aluminum, titanium and nickel based aerospace components. CAN-ENG systems integrate the latest advancements in energy saving technology, material handling and automation for our customers forging and heat treating applications in accordance with relevant AMS 2750 and NADCAP standards.

CAN-ENG designs and manufactures state-of-the-art Heat Treatment Systems suitable for a wide array of aluminum, titanium and nickel based components. Our turn-key systems suitable for cast, forged and wrought aerospace components, bloom / billet heating for forging, wheels, suspension and structural components, rotary components, aluminum shapes, sheets and tubing. CAN-ENG's engineered to order manufacturing ensures our technology meets project specific design requirements.


Furnace systems for the Aerospace Industry

Batch and High Volume Continuous Designs for Aerospace Components

  • Optimum temperature uniformity
  • Rapid transfer between furnace and quench
  • Complete turnkey systems
  • Unique air flow systems for rapid heating - short cycle hot air impingement designs
  • Unique water, polymer, immersion, spray quench and precision air quench designs that include rapid transfers systems that eliminate the need for pits or special foundations

Rotary Hearth Process and Heat Treatment Systems for Aerospace Components

  • Reduction of energy usage lowering $/kg to process
  • Hardening or heating for hot working/heat treatment
  • Capacity up to 60 tons/hr
  • Single Door and Multiple Door Designs
  • Ring or Pancake Hearth Designs
  • Recuperative and regenerative burner designs are available for fuel efficiency
  • Level II Automation systems including product tracking available
  • Multiple burner configurations possible
  • Unique reliable table advance mechanism


Annealing, Solution and Annealing, Homogenizing, Normalizing, Austenitizing, Austempering, Martempering, Aging, Quench and Tempering, T4, T5, T6, T7 processes, Rapid transfer water quench systems, Precision Air Quench Systems (PAQ™), Spray Quench, Unique material handling applications

Rotary Hearth Process and Heat Treatment Systems for Aerospace Components


Our strength is the ability to custom engineer a complete furnace system for any customer requirement.