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SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems

Almost sixty years of control and data acquisition system design experience integrated into over 1000 furnace systems has led to the proprietary development of a highly-advanced, stand-alone supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

This Level II Automation is not only available on new equipment but can be integrated as a upgrade enhancing existing manufacturing processes. This goes well beyond just furnace processes to include other equipment in order to meet the most stringent and advanced intelligent information software needs.

CAN-ENG’s SCADA systems provides the user with access to vital Industry 4.0 features which includes product traceability, detailed process data for continuous process improvements, comprehensive equipment diagnostics, cost analysis, and, inventory and optimal processing management.

The Benefits of SCADA Systems

  • Supervisory control of equipment, machinery and processes
  • Integrated system diagnostics
  • Advanced data acquisition and part tracking features
  • Flexible part recipe control for batch and continuous applications
  • Real-time and historical data collection, storage and retrieval
  • Automated System Diagnostics, Alarm datalogging and maintenance notification
  • Scheduling optimization and customized reporting tools
  • Real-time & Historical Data Collection & Integrated Results Reporting
  • Part tracking through easy to understand animations of work in progress
  • Integration with existing MRP systems for advanced product scheduling

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