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Atmosphere Generators

When Considering Atmosphere Processing - Partner with Industry Experts in High Capacity Atmosphere Processing System Designs

CAN-ENG Furnaces’ Atmosphere Generators are used in conjunction with indirect gas fired or electric furnace systems in both the Batch and Continuous configuration.

Generators are available in Endothermic and Exothermic designs, specially configured and integrated with furnaces using protective atmospheres. These atmospheres are used to prevent surface oxidation and decarburization in neutral hardening and annealing situations and as a carrier gas in carburizing and carbonitriding processes.

Endothermic gas is produced by a reaction of air and  fuel gas (natural gas, propane or butane) at high temperatures. The reaction itself is endothermic as it requires an external heat source to initiate the reaction. This external heat can be electric or gaseous fuel. Typically, the endothermic gas produced contains approximately 40% Hydrogen, 20% Carbon monoxide, and 40% Nitrogen.

Exothermic gas is produced by heating a hydrocarbon fuel (natural gas, propane or butane) with air. The product gas is then rapidly cooled, and condensate (moisture) is removed. Exothermic gas can be produced in a Lean or Rich Configuration depending upon the requirements for the atmosphere process.  Cooling of the exothermic gas is paramount in delivering quality atmosphere gas and can incorporate a shell and tube heat exchanger as well as refrigerant and desiccant dryers systems.  Typically, the exothermic gas produced contains Hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapour and nitrogen.


•    Wide range of output capacity and turndown range 1,500 - 12,000 CFH (40 - 340 m³/h)
•    Easily accessible modular retort design allows for future capacity additions, up to 4 retorts
•    Electrically or Natural Gas heated
•    Independent retort control allows retorts to be enabled/disabled or burned-out while in process without affecting atmosphere quality
•    No need for manual control. Automatic dewpoint control is maintained via constant measurement and feedback from a dewpoint sensor which is used to tune the Air/Gas ratio via mass flow controllers to deliver the desired quality gas while making adjustments for input natural gas composition fluctuations
•    Variable speed controlled mixing pump is integrated to deliver only the atmosphere that is needed without the need of wasteful burn off venting
•    Mass flow controllers are used to obtain accurate consumption numbers
•    Natural gas consumption data can be collected by CAN-ENG’s Level 2 Process Enhancement Technology (PET™) System
•    Individual retort dewpoint sampling. Endothermic gas can be sampled from each individual retort to help determine which retort requires burn out
•    Generator outlet pressure is controlled automatically to ensure constant flow rate as individual furnace process demands fluctuate
•    Specially designed, high efficiency air to gas cooler for rapid cooling of atmosphere, complete with continuous gas outlet temperature and filter alarming
•    PLC Based controls and large operator interface device
•    Maintenance friendly, allows easy access to all critical components
•    Low cost operation and maintenance


•    Low cost inert process gas supply
•    Wide range of output capacity 2,000 - 40,000 CFH (55  - 1150 m³/h)
•    Water cooled combustion chamber consists of a robust fabricated steel shell with removable gasketed covers
•    Combustion chamber utilizes low thermal mass, high thermal efficiency refractory lining
•    Systems are nozzle mix design, which is a very safe, user friendly, and easy starting system that does not require a firecheck as with premix systems
•    Combustion chamber internals are fabricated from stainless steel and will extend equipment life
•    The system can allow for direct connection to the Purchaser's closed loop tower water system
•    High efficiency shell and tube gas aftercooler, water separator and condensate drain
•    Low maintenance design with few components, and minimum moving parts 
•    Operating dewpoint 40°F - 45°F with refrigerant dryer and -40°F with the addition of desiccant dryer

The Benefits of Atmosphere Generators

  • Wide Range of Output Capacities
  • Available in Endothermic and Exothermic Designs
  • Used in Conjunction with Indirect Gas Fired or Electric Furnace Systems
  • Can be Integrated in both Batch and Continuous Furnace System Designs using Protective Atmospheres
Materials icon


  • Alloy Steels
  • Carbon Steels
Processes icon


  • Annealing
  • Austempering
  • Blueing
  • Brazing
  • Bright Annealing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Carburizing
  • Carbon Restoration
  • Iso-Thermal Annealing
  • Neutral Hardening
  • Martempering
  • Sintering
Applications icon


  • Fasteners
  • Automotive Parts
  • Stampings
  • Springs
  • Forgings
  • Castings
  • Valve Lifters
  • Tubes
  • Bearing Components
  • Precision Machined and Cold Formed Components
  • Blanks


  • Batch Type Furnace
  • Continuous Type Furnace


  • Automation & Material Handling Solutions
  • SCADA System, Level II Automation

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