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Basketless Heat Treatment System (BHTS®)

Designed to Exploit the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing Strategies

CAN-ENG’s BHTS® eliminates the need for product conveying baskets, carriers, trays or fixtures which require continuous repairs and replacement, reducing capital costs and greatly reducing energy consumption requirements.  With robotic automation, these systems can be seamlessly integrated into the overall manufacturing process to provide a lean manufacturing cell that eliminates work in process inventories and sources of waste. 

The evolution of vehicle design has put increasing demands on manufacturers to reduce costs and increase product quality. CAN-ENG’s new Basketless Heat Treatment System has been engineered to meet these ongoing and ever increasing demands.

The Benefits of Basketless Heat Treatment System (BHTS®)

  • Reduction of Energy Required to Process
  • Reduced System Floor Space Requirements
  • Eliminate Basket Capital and Repair Costs
  • Improved Temperature Distribution Via Single Part Handling
  • Reduced Process Cycle Times
  • Improved Part to Part Mechanical Properties
  • Reduce Material Handling Equipment and Maintenance Costs Over Conventional Systems
  • Lean Manufacturing Processing Reducing Work-In-Process Inventories
  • Design Flexibility for Processing Multiple Part Geometries
Materials icon


  • Aluminum Alloys
Processes icon


  • T4 - T5 - T6 - T7 Processes
  • Precision Air Quench (PAQ™)
  • Spray Quenching
  • Hot - Warm Stamping
  • Hot Stamping and Quench
  • Forge Pre-Heating
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  • Body-In-White Components and Closures
  • Structural Components
  • High Pressure Die Cast (HPDC) Components
  • Cast, Forged and Wrought Products
  • High Integrity Aluminum Castings
  • Electric, Gas and Hybrid Vehicle Components
  • Engine Blocks, Cylinder Heads and Pistons
  • Wheels
  • High Pressure Gas Cylinders


  • Continuous Type Furnace


  • Automation & Material Handling Solutions
  • SCADA System, Level II Automation